Project Goals

The main objective of the Aeolus project is to tackle the scientific problems that need to be solved in order to bridge the above gap between Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service solutions, by developing theory and tools to automate deployment, reconfiguration, and upgrades of variable sized, non-homogeneous machine pools. We expect that the results of this research work will allow to efficiently deploy, maintain, and administer, in a cost-effective way, the dynamically changing distributed architectures which are at the heart of Cloud services.

As shown in the picture below, applications leveraging the power of the Cloud need to allow efficient deployment and configuration of their components, not just at the level of IaaS, but at the level of Services. For this, it is necessary to develop advanced tools that propose a deployment configuration according to the requirements of the user (or of a higher level application).

Aeolus approach

The technological steps forward that Aeolus will make are threefold:

• Design an abstract model of a Cloud, that encompasses the software packages installed on every (virtual) machine, as well as the dynamic dependencies among software, ma chines, and services.

• Design a powerful high-level reconfiguration request language allowing to express sophisticated reconfiguration requests of (virtual) machine pools.
• Develop specialised solver algorithms to efficiently satisfy reconfiguration requests by translating them into low-level reconfiguration plans, which are close to the actions implemented by common software deployment toolkits.